I helped Jamila

My name is Farah. One day I met with Jamila who is 8 years old, her parents had divorced 02/10/2014, her father is named Yasin and mother Su’ad and they live in Burao. They also have other five children, three boys and two girls, in addition to Jamila.

One day her Dad wanted to take his daughter, but Jamila wasn’t happy about it. Then dad horrified her and took her by force. Jamali became isolated and felt fear.

Then I met her dad and requested her to live with me. Finally he accepted and made handed over Jamila to me. She cried in the night because of nightmares. I gave Jamila counseling and took her to school. Now Jamila is getting better and feels happy, enjoys her life and is healthy. Her problems are solved and her life looks better.

I took an injured child to the hospital

Earlier this year I met a terrible situation that happened to a family consisting of a father, mother and eight children, three boys and five girls. The father had neglected his responsibility in the family, he was in Burao and the family are in Koosaar IDP, where I used to work.

One morning while I was on my duty as usual, some members of the village committee reported me a child case. The child was beaten by her mother for not looking after the goats and hit on the head with a very big stick. The child got injured and was seriously bleeding for almost 20 minutes while her mother did nothing.

I reached their house and witnessed the child’s situation; I talked to her and told that if we don’t take this child to the hospital he may die for bleeding. I asked her if she can take the child to hospital and she accepted. I said that I am doing a favor to the child and that I will pay the transport and the medicine and bring back the child to home. I drove my car and took the child and her mother to the hospital.

The doctor told her that ‘’should you have done nothing to the child he could have died’’. The child was treated and I brought him back to the house. Some of the members of the committee talked to the mother of the child and told her that this is not the right way to punish children. She accepted our advices and regretted for what she had done.

Finally she appreciated my support and was surprised of the solidarity I showed her, because we had never met before that day.