Acts for solidarity

Every day, people around the world find ways to help and support each other and make others happy. Now we are making those acts visible!

The Acts for Solidarity campaign encourages people to both perform and to witness various acts for solidarity, and tell others about them. Together we can prove that most people, in Finland and all over the world, are indeed solidary.

The goal of this campaign organized by the International Solidarity Foundation (ISF) is to register 5 000 acts for solidarity performed in different parts of Finland and the world. These acts will be living proof that solidarity is alive and stronger every day!

Through the campaign we will encourage each other to be solidary and help spread tolerance while learning new things about each other. What kinds of acts for solidarity do people perform in Finland, Somaliland, Uganda and Nicaragua, and what do we have in common?

It is time to make room for and give a voice to the tolerant majority of the world, and to let everyone know about what they do!

Do an act for solidarity! See an act for solidarity! Tell us about it! Record acts for solidarity!

What is an act for solidarity?

An act for solidarity is a practical act that a person or a community performs in order to support someone else. There can be many different types of acts for solidarity:

  • an act for solidarity you perform
  • an act for solidarity you witness: seeing, hearing, reading, photographing…
  • an act for solidarity that you receive

Examples of acts for solidarity: How do people support each other and cheer each other up?

  • by volunteering
  • by signing petitions
  • by listening to each other
  • by helping busy colleagues
  • by fixing your neighbour’s leaking tap
  • by walking dogs
  • by looking after your friend’s kids
  • by sticking up for someone
  • by writing a letter to the editor calling for a more tolerant society
  • by helping an immigrant family in your neighbourhood
  • by supporting ISF’s work
  • by starting a Jelpi fundraising campaign
  • by cleaning your grandmother’s house
  • by donating your old clothes to those who need them
  • by donating the profits from a jumble sales event to a development cooperation project
  • by going out with a group of people to pick up the litter from your surroundings
  • by buying flowers to a friend who is having a bad day
  • by helping a friend move house

How to share your act for solidarity?

You can easily share your act for solidarity by filling the Participate!  form.

The act can be published in the form of words, image or video. You can also share your acts in Twitter of Instagram by using the hashtag #actsforsolidarity.  Let your friends know about the act, too!